Legal Video Solutions sets the standard in quality, creativity, and professionalism for the legal video service industry. Our team consists of cinematographers who have professional work experience in all facets of video production, as well with experienced legal professionals. Our expertise includes full HD or 4k quality video depositions, legal video editing, animations, legal documentaries (mediation or settlement video brochures), day-in-the-life videos, video wills, and courtroom presentations. We combine creativity with a technical, client-oriented mindset to offer many unique and exceptional services in the legal video industry. We partner with our clients throughout the entire case process – from initial investigation (i.e., site inspections, injury footage, etc.), through discovery and depostions, shooting full HD or 4k quality depositions, and at trial, formulating effective digital courtroom presentations.

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Legal Video Solutions started in 2007 when a team of legal professionals teamed up with recent graduates of Grand Valley's film program to combine creativity with a techinical, client-oriented mindset to offer unique and exceptional services in the legal video industry. Legal Video Solutions’ focus is exceptional quality film and video for attorneys. 

Our team has a deep understanding of complex legal issues and have mastered the ability to tell a compelling story.  We specialize in creating animations and “legalmentaries”; or high-impact films for settlement, mediation, case evaluation or trial that bring to life the true story of your client’s case through a multimedia video presentation. 

Our services are affordable and sensible in the technologically advancing legal industry; they enhance your credibility, effectiveness, and settlement leverage. The services we offer ensure you get the best results for your clients. Attorneys hire us for one reason: exceptional service.


“I think that we had a strong case, but we had an even stronger case because we had the use of video. It was such an advantage ... The video made the difference in our case.”
— Renee Winkle, Plaintiff represented by Buchanan & Buchanan, a client of Legal Video Solutions

4k and High Definition Video Depositions

We provide professional and highly trained legal videographers for video depositions.  We work cooperatively and offer excellent videography support to court reporting agencies.  We differ from our competitors as skilled videographers who understand the law and the deposition process.  Our seasoned videographers always arrive early and are professional and courteous. We take great care in capturing every audio and video detail during every deposition.

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High quality 2D and 3D legal animations are an ideal way to visually tell the story in your case.  Animations recreate and simplify the series of events that took place in your case. Our skilled team of legal animators work with the attorneys and expert witnesses to create accurate recreations of accidents, injuries, medical errors, and other legal animations. 


Day-in-the-Life Videos


A Day-in-the-Life video is an effective way to illustrate the extent and impact of injuries sustained by the victim.  These videos help a jury understand the daily hardships resulting from injury and provides a look into what will be needed in the future.  We creatively and technically craft meaningful videos through excellent editing, close-up shots, wide shots and multiple angles.  We pride ourselves on creating a powerful story that is sure to persuade any audience. 


High Impact Documentaries for Litigation

We carefully create technical, creative, visually stunning “legalmentaries”, or high-impact videos that portray your case for mediations, facilitations, settlement negotiations, case evaluations or trials.  The concise film tells the compelling true story of your case by a multimedia video presentation.  We work closely with you to create an unforgettable “legalmentary” that will help you win your case.


Courtroom Presentation Services

We are your partner for multimedia courtroom presentations.  We are there with you from the opening statement, through witness examinations, all the way to the closing statement utilizing Sanction to project video testimony, exhibits and evidence you select.  With Legal Video Solutions by your side at trial, you can focus on the case and not on the technical aspects of presenting videos and evidence.


Video Editing

We have the capability to edit any of your legal videos – depositions, witness interviews, accident scene footage/reenactment, security camera surveillance, police dashboard camera, etc. Our digital editing technicians produce broadcast-quality video that will not disappoint.


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The Power of Video through Sanction Presentations

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